Objectives and History


The pressures on children and on adults during the normal school term are such that sustained progress as individuals or groups is difficult; and it is often not possible to get all the right people together. By committing a week of the summer holidays to rehearsing in varying music ensembles, it is easier for players to participate, and also to assemble a dedicated team of tutors. Consequently we are able to make a huge progress in the standard of playing, which sets the tone for the future.

“Elena particularly enjoys the thrill of performance” – Parent

The vast majority of those who have attended past summer courses, have continued to play, which, of course, was the purpose of running the first course.

“Thank you for organising the music course, I had a great time” Joely (Player)

While we do not work with absolute beginners, the course is not an elite affair, but accepts players from Grade 1 to grade 8. We are keen to ensure that the cost to players does not become prohibitive. This is mainly a local course, but we hope to offer places to a limited number of visiting children, who will pay £80 to local hosts whose children are playing on the course.


Past summer courses have been run by Miles Attwell. The Director this year is Derek Boyne. The 16th course was held at Minterne Junior School and was the most successful to date.

“Its great to see so many taking part and enjoying their Music Making” Gail Sugden (Minterne Music Teacher)